Relax and Learn Guitar Today!

Are you a "second halfer" who wants to learn guitar by playing songs? Want to save time and money by joining an online guitar membership?  

The Relax and Learn Guitar membership is a private membership with exclusive content and one on one support from me. You get lessons, mentorship and accountability! 

What the Relax and Learn Guitar Membership Has to Offer....

The membership contains lessons, tablature, printouts and a private Facebook group where I provide individualized instruction. Everything you need to relax and learn guitar!

Save Time

Organized, easy to understand lessons means no more wasting time searching random youtube videos guessing what to learn next. Learn in the comfort of your own home. 

Save Money

Traditional guitar lessons can cost as much as $40 for one lesson. The RLG membership costs less than that for the entire month! 

Private Facebook Group

Talk to me directly for personalized feedback and support. Learn from other member's questions and comments. Stay on track and keep improving!

Down to earth lessons

Real lessons for real people. New content added regularly. Request lessons and songs. Play guitar for your friends, family or just yourself. Don't be intimidated by other guitar "gurus".

Lesson modules

Beginner and Intermediate modules with 70 plus (and growing) videos taking you from complete beginner to barre chords and beyond. Learning guitar does not have to be overshelming or frustrating

Song modules

Beginner and Intermediate song lessons spanning country, folk, fingerstyle, rock and blues styles. Minutes a day and you can play guitar like you have always wanted!

This membership is for adults that want to learn gutiar by playing their favorite songs. For people that have tired to play in the past without success. This membership is not for peole that want to learn solo guitar and complicated scales. My goal is to give you everything you need to play the guitar and have fun doing it. Check out what others are saying:

“I have tried to learn guitar numerous times but this is different. I have practiced everyday since joining; not because I have to, but becasue I really want to. My wife has even commented on how much I enjoy Kevin's instruction and how much progress I am making already.”

John - RLG Member

“I can re-watch any lesson, post questions and practice video for Kevin to review any time. Kevin gets back to me quickly and has great advice, extra pointers and even customized video lessons.”

Katherine - RLG Member

“I have never felt good enough to play in front of others. Thanks to Kevin, now I am.”

Wayne- RLG Member

“I am enjoying my RLG Membership. If I can learn guitar, so can you!”

David- RLG Member

“Great lessons and fantastic teacher! It's all that the name implies !”

Skip- RLG Member

Relax and Learn Guitar Today!

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