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The Relax and Learn Guitar (RLG) Membership is a private membership with exclusive content and a supportive community

Want personalized one on one support and lessons to help you relax and learn guitar?

Are you looking for a place you can go for in depth guitar lessons, community support, individualized feedback and a little R & R?

Do you want to spend a little time on yourself, have some fun and connect with others? Pick that guitar back up and learn or even write some new tunes to play for your family and friends!

You can enjoy the therapeutic effects of music and experience the enrichment that playing a musical instrument brings.

You have always dreamed of playing guitar. Now you can. I can show you how! Join RLG to get started!

Fall in love with playing again! There is no experiecne like it!

Here is what you will get inside the RLG membership:
  • Access to all of the video lessons, tablature and resources. The step by step video tutorials save you time and show you exactly what to do next.

  • Talk to me directly  in the Private Facebook Group. I am in there everyday to provide instant, personalized feedback , instruction and support.

  • Connect with others. Share your challenges and successes. Post your videos in the Private Facebook Group. Get personal feedback from me and see what others are sharing. Make some new friends to jam with!

  • Request lessons and songs. I also offer one on one video lessons.

  • New content added regularly. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

What are the benefits of joining the RLG Community?
We all get stuck and frustrated sometimes. I have organized the lessons for you so you know exactly what to do next to get better. The reason you don't get better is because you read everything and watch too many yotube videos. Start here, with ONE PATH to improve. PLus, you never have to leave your house, you can learn at your own pace and there are no lesson cancellation or no show fees.

Is this for beginners only?
  The brand new player starting from ground zero will find organized lessons to get
  started. Intermediate players will find content to help them get to the next level.

Am I too old to learn?
  No. You are not too old to learn. I can show you exactly what to do to practice the
  right way, make progress and stick with it.

Here is what members are saying about the RLG Membership:

"I have tried to learn guitar numerous times, but this is different.  I have practiced every day since joining; not because I have to, but because I really want to. My wife has even commented on how much I seem to enjoy Kevin’s instruction and how much progress I am making already."
John--RLG Member

"I can re-watch any lesson, post questions and practice video for Kevin to review anytime. Kevin gets back to me real fast and has great advice, extra pointers and even customized video lessons. "  

Katherine-- RLG Member

"I have never felt I was good enough to play in front of others. Thanks to Kevin, now I am."

Wayne--RLG Member


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