Guitar for short fingers.

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This lesson is for everyone out there that thinks that have short fingers.  Short fingers are no reason to not play the guitar.  So if you think you have short fingers or your fingers are too stubby to play the … Read More

1 4 5 chord progressions

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I have had some folks write in and ask what a 1 4 5 chord progression is. I have put this together to answer the question in a logical way We cover what the chord progression is and some popular … Read More

Beginner Series Lesson 12: “You never can tell”

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Lesson 12 in our beginner series is the classic Chuck Berry song “You never can tell” A great beginner song and a just a great song all around.   In this lesson you will learn: How to play your second … Read More

Beginner Series Lesson 11: “Love me Do”

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  This is lesson 11 in the Beginner series and it is a great one. We learn “Love me do” by the Fab Four.  They did it best.  This is a great song to learn when you are first starting … Read More

Beginner Series Lesson 10: Common Strumming Patterns

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This is lesson 10 in our beginner series. This lesson will cover some common strumming patterns that you will need to learn.  These 2 patterns are used all the time in all kinds of music.   In this lesson you … Read More

Beginner Series: Lesson 7 – Basic finger exercise-guitar hand exercises

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Check out the 7th lesson in the beginner series on Relax and Learn Guitar. This lesson is a guitar finger exercise for you to build your guitar playing skills. I focus on the acoustic guitar.   Guitar hand exercises are … Read More

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