Why the acoustic guitar is better than the electric guitar
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I get asked quite a bit “Why the acoustic guitar? Why not the electric?” The purpose of this article is to discuss the many reasons why I think the acoustic guitar is better than the electric guitar. And why I … Read More

Guitar Radio Show Podcast Interview
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I am so excited to share this with you! I had the honor of being a guest on The Guitar Radio Show podcast hosted by Mark Daven. Mark is an incredible guy that has had some amazing guitar players on … Read More

10 reasons you need to play guitar
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There are many great things about playing the guitar. Learning to play the guitar is one of the coolest things you can do. I have been playing the guitar for over 30 years and and it has enriched my life … Read More

10 Guitar Myths
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When it comes to playing the guitar, there are lots of opinions to listen to and facts to check. Sometimes the hardest thing about getting started or sticking with the guitar is just figuring out what is myth and what … Read More

Conquer the challenge of being creative
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Being creative is hard work for adults. For kids, not so much.   Being creative means using your imagination. Using your imagination means not being concerned with being “wrong”. When was the last time that you were not concerned with … Read More

Music is a language anyone can learn.
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“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo   Music is a language that anyone can learn.  It is a form of expression and another way that we speak to … Read More

Playing guitar makes you smarter
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Learning to play the guitar is a great way to create some fireworks in your brain.  Playing the guitar engages your brain and helps in a number of important areas including improved memory, increased executive function, enhanced creative thinking and … Read More

How to be more creative
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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” –Robert Collier     I like this Collier quote. Keeping sight of the sum of those small efforts you make day in and day out helps you … Read More

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